THB Volume 1, No. 3 , 1999

Volume 1, No. 3 , 1999

Contents and Abstracts


Breath is a Language by Joy Manné

This paper begins with expressions about the breath in language. There are sections on breath as a language in illness (including the problem of hyperventilation) and in health (where abdominal breathing is described). A section on Breath as a Language in Psychotherapy covers the role of the breath in body language, relationships, nose and mouth breathing, and the influences on contemporary Breathwork from psychoanalysis, Reichian breathwork, analytical psychology, Rebirthing Breathwork, and Conscious Breathing Techniques. Further sections cover breath language in sex, and in spirit. Dialects of breath language such as laughter, singing, speaking and smoking are covered too.

Sharing the Breath by Wilfried Ehrmann

Breathwork can cover a lot of valuable aspects to the world of psychotherapy. The article describes the situation of breathwork in the historical development of psychotherapy and tries to find answers to the questions, what breathwork can learn from psychotherapy and what it can offer to the world of psychotherapy. Finally, criteria are formulated for promoting the qualification of breathwork as an officially recognized method of psychotherapy.

Rebirthing and Domestic Abuse by Cathering Dowling

Up to 25% of relationships are abusive. Abuse can be physical involving anything from slapping to the most severe physical assault and murder. Abuse is also mental and emotional, leaving deep scars in the psyche long after the physical abuse has ended. This paper looks at the role rebirthing can play in helping people recover from the effects of domestic abuse. It examines the dynamics of this kind of relationship and the role rebirthing can play in each stage of recovery. It is illustrated by an in-depth case history

Hot Water Breathwork by Tilke Platteel-Deur

Tilke Platteel-Deur explains her own, and her colleague Han Mensink's development of breathwork and their philosophy. She then describes how hot water rebirthing works. There is a thorough covering of all the elements of practice including the preparation of the area, psychological preparation; whether it is necessary to be naked or not; careful and respectful holding of clients in the water; entering the water; dealing with fear of the water; positions in the water; getting out of the water; integration and dealing with large amounts of life energy.

Book Reviews

Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources by Jon Klimo

Intuition by Judee Gee

Rebirthing: Freedom From Your Past by Deike Begg

Breathing Underwater: The Inner Life of T'ai Chi Ch'uan by Margaret Emerson

The Art of Breathing: Six Simple Lessons to Improve Performance, Health and Well-Being by Nancy Zi




Rritorna a The Healing Breath