THB Volume 2, No. 1 , 2000

Volume 2, No. 1 , 2000

Contents and Abstracts


The Art of Breathing: An Easy To Be In Control Of Your Breath by Nancy Zi

Nancy Zi, classical singer, voice teacher and Chi Kung practitioner teaches correct abdominal breathing through explanation and exercises. She teaches us to connect to our core and so to use our breath for healing, and how to move chi – vital energy – through our body.

Acting Out and Integrating by Wilfried Ehrmann, Ph.D

Catharsis has played a prominent role in the healing arts since old times. In breathwork, some schools stress the role of acting out any emotion that comes up while others motivate the client to stay on the level of inner experience by feeling the sensations of each feeling that comes up. Here, criteria are formulated for the use of cathartic techniques. The dangers of emotional expressions are discussed and offers rules for these methods.

Sexual Abuse, Myth, Dream or Reality – A Breathwork Case History by Joy Manné, Ph.D.

Joy Manné presents a breathwork case history where the client started by wondering whether she had been sexually abused. Using her knowledge of Jungian psychology, birth trauma psychology and past life therapy, and taking into account the debate around false memory syndrome, Manné patiently lets the therapy unfold without jumping to conclusions. Eventually it turns out that the client felt “raped” when transformation of a house with she was identified were carried out by her parents without consulting her.

Manné presents Janice Haaken's propositions regarding women's needs for dramatic legends, their regular suffering from boundary violations (not necessarily always incestuous) and a tendency to transformative remembering – all of which can lead to imagined sexual abuse. She argues that her client's need to be considered important will also have contributed to her making the accusations.

Spiral Dynamics: Breathwork and Social Evolution by Jim Morningstar

The theory of consciousness growth formulated by C. Graves, Ph.D. and developed and practiced by D. Beck and C. Cowen under the name Spiral Dynamics is used to show the social relevance of breathwork. Each of the eight stages of human growth and the challenges they afford are addressed by breathwork in a healing way. The necessity to employ such a holistic technique which bridges these stages at this point in our social evolution is emphasized.

Book Reviews

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Rritorna a The Healing Breath