THB Volume 3, No. 2 , 2001

Volume 3, No. 2 , 2001

Contents and Abstracts


Letting Go With Your Breath by True Alisandre


‘Toward An Understanding of “Breatharianism”' by Jon Klimo , Ph.D.

‘Breathwork Training Accreditation: The Australian And The Irish Experiences' by Alakh Analda and Catherine Dowling

Alakh Analda and Catherine Dowling have experience of getting state recognised accreditation for Rebirther training courses in their respective countries. (In Australia the course was nationally accredited as well as accredited in two states.) Both were the first in their country to take what has been a very free process often seen as outside the mainstream, into the heart of mainstream education. The challenge was to reap the benefits of accreditation without sacrificing the essence of their craft. This article charts their experience, the effect the process had on the development and delivery of the training courses, the joys and difficulties and an assessment of the value of accreditation.

‘An Annotated Book List for a Breathwork Training' compiled by Catherine Dowling and Joy Manné

Catherine Dowling and Joy Manné, both leading breathworkers, teachers and trainers, have prepared a comprehensive reading list for Breathwork trainings. The list is structured over a four-year training, which is usually regarded as the ideal period in psychotherapies. They have been helped by Kylea Taylor, a leading teacher and trainer in Holotropic Breathwork™, and Vivienne Silver-Leigh, a teacher of counselling, yoga and other techniques.

Among the topics covered, the list includes general reading, breathwork literature, birth trauma psychology, psychotherapy, family systems therapy, counselling and interpersonal skills, relationships, personality, Inner Child work, money, and ethics. There is a section on Breathwork specialisations which include body work, breathing work, Holotropic Breathwork, and Breathwork meditation. Other topics covered include trauma and abuse, working with groups, art therapy, dreams, intuition, channelling, past-life work, dying, death and mourning, shamanism, and working with the Soul.

Book Reviews

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Manné, Joy (1997), Soul Therapy. Berkeley , CA : North Atlantic Books




Rritorna a The Healing Breath