THB Volume 4, No. 1 , 2002

Volume 4, No. 1 , 2002

Contents and Abstracts


Rebirthing Breathwork - an Orphan Therapy or a Part of the Family of Psychotherapies by Joy Manné Ph.D.

Joy Manné shows here the antecedents of Leonard Orr's Rebirthing Breathwork. She shows how it is related to Arthur Janov's Primal therapy, and to birth trauma psychology which was started by the Freudian Wilhelm Rank. She links the Rebirthing Breathwork maxim “Thought is creative,” with Freud's repetition compulsion and argues that the regressions that are typical of Rebirthing Breathwork are typical too of all psychotherapies. With regard to Rebirthing Breathwork and spiritual development, she points out that this is common to all methods that use the breath.

Modern (Early 21 st Century-ish) Rebirthing by Catherine Dowling

Rebirthing is a therapy now entering its early middle age. In its early stages it was a maverick, sometimes wacky therapy on the fringes of the mental health world. Over nearly 40 years rebirthing has developed a body of theory, a bibliography and has modified its tenets and practices. This paper charts the changes in rebirthing theory and practice, the modification of its most deeply held beliefs and its appropriation of more conventional psychotherapeutic techniques.

The Psychology-Of-Selves in Breathing Sessions by Peter Kane

New Paradigms for Standards in Breathwork: The Birth of the INTERNATIONAL BREATHWORK TRAINING ALLIANCE by Jim Morningstar, Ph.D.

To create an alliance of schools in agreement about Breathwork training standards, principles and ethics which is true to the profession of breathwork, a new paradigm of professional organization is needed. Four factors for competent training are discussed: skill acquisition, integrated holistic perspective, personal and social responsibility, and commitment to breathwork practice. How a representative group of international trainers have come together to forge the beginnings of this organization is outlined.

Obituary : Jacques de Panafieu

Book Reviews

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