THB Volume 6, No. 1 , 2005

Volume 6, No. 1 , 2005

Contents and Abstracts

Malgorzata Chodak, ‘Bonding-tendresse and De Aegypto'

This paper describes a process of recovery in a fifty-year old female patient in an extreme state. She was in bed with severe stomach pains, and continuously connected to an intravenous drip. There were contraindications against any surgical operation because of her allergy to anaesthetics. No signs of a will to live or recovery were present and she even manifested a willingness to pass away.

The bonding-tendresse a form of bonding psychotherapy that I considered to be useful, and to work in such a serious case, was employed. This form of physical contact provided the patient with the warmth of another human body and tenderness. At the same time she was showed a television film De Aegypto illustrating motifs from The Egyptian Book of the Dead . This session and connected breathing led the patient to a deep transcendental and cosmic experience. The final outcomes of the process were that her body warmed up. There were also effects on her autonomic system and psyche.

The experience of timeless eternal reality, power and her own rebirth were triggered by Sky , a piece of music by Zbigniew Preisner (Elzbieta Towarnicka – soprano). This inspired the patient to make sense of her life and to understand her own role in existence. It appeared as if she had been reborn into life when she made the remark: "I think I still may be useful". After this one session a dramatic improvement was observed in the patient. Her vegetative functions, e.g. her appetite for food and drink, were restored, the pain disappeared and she actively returned to normal family life.

Margot Biestman and Faith Hornbacher ( Certified Middendorf Breath Practitioners and Teachers), ‘B reath E xperience: An Intriguing Approach to Health and Well-Being.'( ã October, 2004) ,

Breath Experience is a somatic practice based on the work of Professor Ilse Middendorf of Berlin , Germany , developed over the past 65 years. It is renowned in Europe for its beneficial healing effect, and now is gaining recognition in the United States .

The authors are certified teachers and trainers at the U.S. Middendorf Institute for Breath Experience in Berkeley , California , with Juerg Roffler, Director.

The foundation of Breath Experience lives in our ability to sense, be present for, and participate in the experience of our natural breath moving in and through our body, as it comes and goes on its own—without control, direction, or manipulation. This process allows breath to move us naturally in our lives to support our health and well-being.

The impact of our cultural heritage and conditioning can make it difficult to let the breath come and go on its own. Sensing breath moving in our body offers us a chance to realize our somatic intelligence. This way of learning has a profound and far-reaching effect on our body, mind, spirit, and in our personal and professional relationships. We discover that breath is a mediator of conflicts, and transforms them into new ways of relating to ourselves and others. Breath is our teacher and healer.

Catherine Dowling, ‘Rebirthing: The Micro and Macro Levels of integration.'

Rebirthing breathwork provides an experience of profound integration on the ‘micro' level (i.e. within the client, the psychological, physical, spiritual and emotional are affected as one) and on the ‘macro' level (it combines with approaches from almost any other school of psychotherapy). I will discuss both levels of integration showing the relationship between rebirthing and other psychotherapeutic approaches as it occurs in practice.

Joy Manné, PhD, ‘Breathwork: a naturally integrative psychotherapy.'

Breathwork is a naturally integrative psychotherapy. This paper shows that there is a common integrative pattern of development that unites Buddha's pattern of development; the shamanic pattern of development, and the Breathwork pattern of development. This pattern describes a universal path through which the potential for personal and spiritual development comes to fruition during the initiatory process which is Life.

Lynne Jenkins, ‘Somebody Always Loved Me.'

I was diagnosed with manic depression in my late twenties and spent years on heavy medication which scarred my face, ruined my eyesight and made me doubt myself. The doctors told me I would always be on meds that would eventually destroy my kidneys and liver. I knew there had to be a better way. On my journey to wellness I began to explore natural therapies and discovered rebirthing. From the very first session I knew I had found the answer and it would be my life's work.

In the beginning I had no idea what rebirthing was all about nor had I known anyone who had tried it. However, from the very first session I went through so much emotional processing that within months I had changed my eyeglasses for lesser prescriptions and by the end of the summer I was entirely drug free. I am still drug free. I have had several minor swings due to incredible stress I was under such as my mother dying but otherwise am very stable. Something as simple as being a poor breather and stuffing my emotions had contributed much to the serious illness. Rebirthing is more than just a breathing process. I have found that by doing spiritual purification - or keeping the earth, air, fire and water balanced within myself, I can lead a balanced life. Here is my journey.

Book and CD reviews

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Rritorna a The Healing Breath